Hazel Battersby is an artist, based in York, who makes colourful and expressive paintings. These are inspired by and represent textures, structures and surfaces of both man-made and natural formations. Starting points come from studies produced within natural and urban environments, but also commonplace fragments that are collected which evoke a sense of place and beauty.  

About the Work

The paintings, drawings and collages, contain many physical layers that expose how elements are built up and removed. Because of the appearance of many of the artist’s collected objects, often the paintings manifest themselves as expressive landscapes. In response to these, through exploration of mark-making, drawing and collage, both abstract and descriptive properties develop, and as they extend into paintings this continues to shift and change. There is a sense of discovery through painting, building up and removing layers and the emergence of an image, that somehow takes command of the painting. 

Studied: The Glasgow School of Art 


Scottish Society of Artists at The Royal Scottish Academy, 

The Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts, 

York Open Studios,

The Look Gallery, Helmsley

The Whitestone Gallery, York